CPD – Independent Learning Leading to Progress

We had the opportunity to meet up three times this year to look at how to make students more independent in their learning.

On our first session, we discussed the factors that influence and promote independence among students:

External factors

1 – Environment:

2 – Space

3 – Time

4 – Resources

5 – Teacher support

6 – Relationships – Move from teacher to facilitator

Internal factors

  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Organisation and multitasking
  • Time keeping

If we make available the external factors, and promote the internal skills, we can move from spoon feeding the learning to becoming learning facilitators, where students use the resources available to them, and can identify what they need to do to make progress.

We also discussed some strategies that had worked well in the classroom, shared some display resources that teachers can use to promote growth mind-set (see pictures), and suggested some activities for lessons.




On the second session, we talked about barriers to learning. We agreed that students expect too much from the teacher, and find it hard to be independent, mostly because they don’t know how to do it. We thought it would be a good idea to coach them on how to become more proactive in the classroom, so we requested to use one of the sessions of Year 7 Introduction to Churchill programme for this purpose.

The third meeting was used to design Year 7 Introduction to Churchill session. Students will be “locked in a room” and have to complete a series of tasks/quizzes in groups, in order to be released from the room. We are hoping they will all make it to the other side!

Gema Marquez-Hernandez


Summer Reading – our CPD Library

If you are looking for something to read whilst enjoying the sun and relaxing  then remember that we have our very own CPD books found in the library.

CPD library

CPD library 1

If you don’t fancy a long read then there are a few journals and booklets, including for the first time recent editions of the TES magazine and some of their own publications.



If you do borrow and read a book or magazine then please sign it out and then if you can write a short review of what you learnt to encourage others to read it as well. You could include a photo of you with the book with your summer view.

Happy reading.