About Teaching & Learning at Churchill

This blog is about what we are doing at Churchill Academy to promote excellent teaching and learning ideas across faculties, across the curriculum and which cross over in the curriculum between subjects. This is about promoting the excellence, promoting the unseen teaching and learning gems that happen daily in the Academy and promoting ideas that enhance learning.

There is a plethora of excellence happening daily in the Academy: as a teaching community we can use this blog to promote and celebrate what we do to improve learning for the students.

How does this align with our core values as a school? 

Kindness – we want to be sharing ideas, inspiring others, as well as being inspired and show openness in what has gone well and what has needed reflection and changes, we want to have honest conversations about teaching and learning without negative judgement.

We are kind in our interactions with each other around teaching and learning.

Curiosity – we as teachers are life long learners, we are interested in what is happening outside of our own subjects and in the wider academy community and we want to continue to grow, discover and apply excellent ideas from CPD (with the emphasis on continuous) throughout the year.

We are curious about how we can improve and help students learn through ideas relating to teaching and learning.

Determination – being open to trialing new ideas and tweaking existing ones to consistently make the outcomes for students better, being open to inviting other professionals into our classrooms to see what we do and being vigorous in our pursuit of  ideas that not only help students, but which also help each other in our school.

We are determined to focus on our core purpose of setting no limits on what we can achieve and to inspire and enable young people to make a positive difference through our own pursuit of teaching and learning excellence.